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Server Administration

Properly maintained computer networking systems are crucial in any office environment.


Software Installations

Different organizations have different applications that need to be accessed from the server thus requiring installation and configuration of those applications. This could be new printer software, an accounting package, database or any other software.

This requires proper planning and research to ensure that the new software does not adversely affect the services that the server run. We can safely do that for you and thereafter do thorough testing of the same.

Software upgrades and operating system updates

To ensure application and systems’ security, we need to first of all do the basics. This involves ensuring that the operating system e.g. Windows, Mac, Linux are up to date and also other installed software is up to date. The patches ensure that security “holes” are covered and so is therefore an essential service.

We can test updates, install them and make sure your services are running as normal.

Checking and interpreting log files

Modern systems log all sorts events and for the purpose of diagnostics. The logs could run into tens of thousands and therefore cumbersome to work with! You didn’t sign up for that! Let us do that for you. We have the tools and the expertise that will enable us to troubleshoot the relevant logs, check for warnings and other times for breaches into your server.

SSL certificates

Security of resources accessed over the world wide web from your organization is critical. One way to ensure that this happens is via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This in turn allows secure connections from a web server to a browser. We install, configure and test.

Other server admin tasks

Scheduled server reboots

File shares management

Disk space management

Virtualization management

IP management (DHCP)