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Desktop support for better productivity.


Desktop Support


According to Sensis e-Business report 2015, small and medium enterprises owned 88% of a computer of some description including desktops, notebooks and tablets. This shows a high reliability on technology and more specifically, end-user devices for business purposes. As Murphy’s law states, “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong” and therefore, it’s wise to have standby support to ensure business operations are not negatively impacted.

Reliable Desktop Support is what ensures productivity is not negatively impacted. This is by making sure the end users are doing what they’re supposed to be doing without the disruption of unresponsive hardware or applications.


On Call Support

At Torrent I.T solutions, we respond to support calls with the aim of resolving technical and service needs including operating system installations & support, specific software installations & support, email client setup, virus research and removal, antivirus installation, new computer setup, liaising with providers for warranty related issues, networking issues on desktops & other devices, mobile device management (MDM) and much more.




Windows, Mac & Linux Support

We install and support Windows, Mac and a few Linux distributions. Its Monday morning, you switch on your windows computer and voila, ‘the blue screen of death’! Operating systems sometimes crash and when that happens, productivity for the individual will be affected. Contact us and we’ll get you back to work in the shortest time possible. We’ll troubleshoot over the phone and if the issue is still not resolved, we’ll either come in and image the computer or setup an imaging server that will re-image your computer at the touch of a button!



Remote Assistance

So you have a new employee and they have a new email account that needs to be setup or there’s a pre-existing account that doesn’t seem to work. By using remote-control applications, we can login to the workstation and get the new employee on email while also troubleshooting the issues on the existing one. We also assist on archiving of emails as required.



Antivirus & Security

We will ensure that you have a reliable antivirus installed on workstations and in the event that a workstation is infected - mostly due to out-of-date antivirus - we’ll find a way of removing the viruses and ensuring that data has not been corrupted. With the current rise of viruses in the cyber world, it is important to ensure that both network and desktop security is up to scratch. An emerging category of virus called ransomware is on the rise. Usually, a workstation is targeted and is taken “hostage” i.e. rendered useless - until some money is paid! This workstation could have sensitive information or important data that’s not saved elsewhere. Watch out!



Workstation Upgrades

To minimise the issues that are reported with workstations, it is advisable to replace them every 3-4 years. We can advise on what to buy depending on the needs of the organization, budget and current technologies in place. Once the goods are in store, we image, set them up, restore any data if required and ensure that they’re ready for action.



MDM Mobile Device Management

More and more organizations now give their employees mobile devices like tablets and smart phones for work purposes, while others run a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program. The use of an MDM solution ensures that the security of the devices and data therein is in place, apps management (deployment & removal), device setup automation and secure access to various resources. We setup MDMs such as VMware Airwatch, Microsoft Intune among others.