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Cloud computing is the present and the future.


Cloud Computing

Cloud computing simply means service delivery via the internet. There are various types of services offered via cloud and this includes:

  • Software As A Service (SaaS)
  • Platform As A Service (PaaS)
  • Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS)

According to a January 2016 Gartner report, the IaaS segment will remain the fastest-growing segment in 2016, forecast to reach 22.4 billion and below is their worldwide public cloud forecast.


Worldwide Public Cloud Services Forecast (Billions of U.S. Dollars)

Cloud services 2015 2015 Growth (%) 2016 2016 Growth (%)
Cloud business process services (BPaaS) 39.2 2.7 42.6 8.7
Cloud application services (SaaS) 31.4 15.5 37.7 20.3
Cloud application infrastructure services (PaaS) 3.8 16.1 4.6 21.1
Cloud system infrastructure services (IaaS) 16.2 21.9 22.4 38.4
Cloud management and security services 5.0 20.7 6.2 24.7
Cloud advertising 79.4 15.4 90.3 13.6
Total market 175.0 13.7 203.9 16.5

BPaaS = business process as a service; PaaS = platform as a service
Source: Gartner (January 2016)

PaaS provides a platform for developers to develop and customize apps and makes development, testing and deployment of apps quick and easy. Example of Enterprise PaaS include Apprenda and others. IaaS enables the service owner to manage remote datacentre infrastructure. This is by monitoring and accessing the same and eliminating the need for an organization to buy physical hardware and instead buy the IaaS service based on usage. IaaS example include Amazon Web Services(AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Compute Engine and others

The most popular of the three for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is SaaS and this basically involves web delivery of applications as opposed to the traditional method of installing and running apps on a local device. This may reduce costs of buying software, hardware and also storage of data. Examples of SaaS services include Google Apps, Workday, Citrix GoToMeeting, Cisco WebEx among others.

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